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Fibreglass Moulding Services Derby


Derby Laminates Ltd has been making high quality fibreglass mouldings for over 50 years. Fibreglass mouldings are often referred to as GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) mouldings.

We work closely with all our clients, offering advice and guidance so that the finished article is always to the customer’s precise requirements.


We work for a wide range of commercial and industrial clients, including breweries and major automotive manufacturers, providing bespoke automotive signage, local authorities, telecommunications, oil, gas, chemical & water Industries.


Examples Of Our Fibre Glass Products Include:


•  Fire Retardant Resins

•  Containment Tanks

•  GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)

•  Exhibition Vehicle Components

•  Signs

•  Bespoke Roof Mounted Containers

•  Garage Totems

•  Drum & Pillar Clocks & Turrets

•  Architectural Fascias

•  Air Scrubbers

•  Enclosures for Hazardous Areas

•  Weir Plates

•  Acoustic Booths

•  Air Conditioning Collar Spaces

•  Industrial Covers & Cases

•  Mosque Domes

•  Industrial Grass Boxes

•  Theme Park Rides

•  Fan Blade Housings

•  Tank Linings for Water & Chemical Industries




Fibreglass mouldings are ideal for prototypes, allowing production of the best design for a project, to try and test before setting up tooling for the final product.


For mouldings made to be fire resistant, we use both Classes 0 & 1 fire retardant resins, which are used for a range of enclosures and mouldings, frequently used in the mining, gas and chemical industries.


One of the many varied and interesting projects we have undertaken is the ‘Autochair’, a roof mounted wheelchair carrier which is strong and light enough to sit on top of a car; this was achieved by using special fibreglass materials and resins which lent themselves perfectly to the customer’s needs.



For More Information On Our Derby Based Fibreglass Moulding

Call Derby Laminates Ltd On:  01283 521 183


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